South Island Half Marathon

Lake Hood

Event Information

Half Marathon (21km)

  • Run
  • Walk
  • Hybrid

1/6 Marathon (7km)

  • Run
  • Walk

Kidz Dash (1.5km)

  • 7 - 12 year olds

The run will see the South Island Half Marathon do 3 laps of Lake Hood, taking in the beauty of the lake especially at this time of year “still and calm” especially as the sun comes up.

  • All Walkers and Hybrid will start at 9:30am with race brief at 9.25am.
  • All Runners will start at 10:00am with race brief at 9.50am. 
  • The Kidz Dash will start at 10:08am with race brief at 10:05am (TBA)

The race brief and race start will be at the Lake House at Lake Hood.  Please refer to the map on how to get to the Lake House.

The 1/6  Marathon will see runners go once around Lake Hood and covering 7km.  Runners in both the South Island Half Marathon and 1/6 Marathon will start together. Race numbers are to be pinned to the front of your running shirt.

Walkers and Hybrid competitors will start 30 minutes before the runners start.  We ask that the runners during the event let walkers know when they’re coming up on them.  Walkers, please be aware of runners coming up on you throughout the event, especially with it being a lapped course.

The Minimum age for the Half Marathon is 13-years of age on Race Day and the 7km is 10-years of age on Race Day.

There will be drink stations during the event, one based approximately 3.5km into the run and the other just past the start line.

This event is not suitable for wheelchair athletes or for prams.

Achilles athletes can run the event.

There will be 1km markers throughout the event.